As technology advanced, the government agencies and economic bodies rely on cyberinfrastructure to store crucial data. Also, many businesses and websites rely on online transactions and all. The cybercriminals used to target this and there are chances for high cyber threats. Cybersecurity is thus valid as they can provide secure cyber operations and find out the threats. A cybersecurity professional must be well trained in the concepts of handling cyber attacks and protections.
The demand for security services is fueled by an increasing rate of urbanization, improving foreign investment activity and growing middle class owning assets they wish to protect. Fear of terrorism and crime is also a factor. The National Cyber Security Policy released by the Government of India in July 2013 envisages a need for 5 Lakh cybersecurity personnel to meet the growing demand within the public and private sector within the country. This brings about a plethora of jobs at every organization which is up for grabs for trained cybersecurity professionals.