Physical Security

The primary objective of CATS is to promote and inculcate professionalism amongst both security practitioners individually and private security agencies in general. With the intervention of Government to regulate private security industry through PSAR Act 2005 and with the demand from corporate for Skilled and professional security personnel, the sector is now receiving the attention and added responsibility to deliver to the ever-increasing expectations from organizations to provide them a safe environment. CATS organizes various kinds of a short and long term training program in the field of Security, Safety, Fire and Loss Prevention and related areas.

As our country is facing potential threats of terrorism and as there is a need to combat security threats, the physical security forces must be strong and professional enough. Special training and imparting various essential skills are necessary. The course we provide in CATS ensures that the trainees are fully equipped with essential knowledge and skills. The training program will be conducted in various fields like coping threats, burglary, terrorism, safety from fire, flood and other natural disasters. There are intense training and grooming programs where candidates can build up their confidence and will power. CATS has trained and certified to train candidates to become skilled security.

Physical Security Courses


Unarmed Security Guard (as Per Psara 2005 & 2010 Guidelines)


Certificate in Security Management


Diploma in Security Management


Advanced Diploma in Security Management

Physical Security USG Programs

CATS has devised five new USG courses in physical security with the aim of widening the scope of employability of youth in the security industry.

Security Supervisor cum Front Office Executive
Security Supervisor cum Customer Relation Assistant
Security Supervisor cum Fire Hazard Controller
Security Supervisor cum ATM/CDM Supervisor
Security Supervisor cum Disaster Management Controller
Training of Trainers
Directorate general Resettlement sponsored Program (Ministry of Defence)