Vision & Mission


• To be a front-runner in ushering a safe and secure environment in the country.

• To attain the position of the biggest supplier of robust knowledge assets and readily employable private security personnel for the private security industry.

• To be acknowledged as the eventual destination for hiring conscientious and well-qualified private security personnel.


• To foster employable abilities, proficiencies and competences in the rank and file of private security professionals.

• Enable career advancement of private security professionals.

• Afford first-rate, employment linked training to private security personnel.


• Ardour and zeal to establish a Centre of Excellence conforming to global standards for imparting training to private security personnel.

• Obligation to support continuing education, specialised advancement and career heightening of private security personnel.

Goals & Objectives

• Establish a Centre of Excellence conforming to global standards for imparting quality training and research in modern and futuristic skill sets to private security personnel.

• Create a structure for hiring private security personnel, their retention and on-the-job refresher training.

• Encourage professional advancement of private security personnel to heighten their headship attributes and bring about an improvement to their career prospects through exposure to modern, technological gadgetry, observation & surveillance techniques and comprehension of elements of human psychology.
• Dispel belief that security is a watch & ward role but it is as much a part of corporate governance as other functions.
• Assist direct recruitment by government registered private security agencies.
• Network with different private security agencies and recruiters to identify the demand, desired expertise and facilitate placement.
• Boost employability prospects of and equip private security personnel to fulfil qualitative requirements of prospective employers.