Globally the security industry has gained importance and visibility, thanks to the ever increasing economic activities and growth in businesses. The role of Security has evolved from mere watch and ward function to an integrated enabler of the business. Security is now being considered and respected as a critical function of organizations that contributes to its growth and resilience. 

Security now helps management to take fast and informed decisions thus helping them deploy their valuable resources in environments that are secure and thus generate desired financial and non-financial results. The corporate risk management role of security now conducts precise risk assessment and risk management activities to help the business running and generate value for all the stakeholders. 

The job and image of Security professionals has also evolved from being custodian of assets of organization to that of a professional business manager. The manager benchmarks and implements global best practices and processes to create an environment that is safe and secure for the business to boldly function without fear of being hacked or intruded upon.  

To help aspiring individuals gain knowledge and skills in Security Sector and to assist existing executives to progress in their career ladder, an array of short term and long term courses and a robust placement and post placement support is the need of the hour. 

Centre for Advanced Training in Security (CATS) offers Globally Benchmarked, technologically advanced and contemporary courses with additional focus on communication and managerial skill development of the participants to help them kick start a challenging and rewarding career in Security and opening avenues for making them future Security Managers and Leaders in private and public domain.

Cyber Security :

With extensive proliferation of IT across organizations and sectors, most of the critical data of organizations is digitized and stored within servers in the organization’s data centre or on a cloud platform. The interconnect of public and private networks and sharing of information resources over the internet increases the difficulty of achieving control over the shared data. The trend for distributed computing has weakened the effectiveness of centralized and specialist control. The organization’s asset is its data and protection of such data is a core task which is taken very seriously at every organization. The National Cyber Security Policy released by the Government of India in July 2013 envisages a need for 5 Lakh cyber security personnel to meet the growing demand within public and private sector within the country. This brings about a plethora of jobs at every organization which are up for grabs for trained cyber security professionals.

CATS has a well established cyber security training programme that focuses on hands-on training based on real-life practical knowledge gained by our technical trainers all of whom have past experience working on Information security consulting assignments. We pride ourselves in going beyond power-point slide based training approach to unique performance-based, hands-on information security training programs all of which are directed towards jump starting your career and preparing the student for life as an information security professional in a corporate job.

Physical Security :

Globalization has changed the way businesses operate resulting in them expanding globally and within country at a hectic pace. Saturation of traditional markets is taking companies to more risky places. New business practices such as off shoring of business to remote countries or locations challenge companies to manage the business at a distance. This also brings with it, its own share of security risks which have made doing business more complex. Many threats, such as terrorism, organized crime and internal risks, are asymmetric and networked, making them more difficult to manage. As a result the Security Industry is seeing a phenomenal growth which creates a demand of trained security professionals commensurate with such growth. 

The primary objective of CATS is to promote and inculcate professionalism amongst both security practitioners individually and private security agencies in general. With the intervention of Government to regulate private security industry through PSAR Act 2005 and with the demand from corporates for Skilled and professional security executives, the sector is now receiving the attention and added responsibility to deliver to the ever increasing expectations from organizations to provide them a safe environment.  CATS organises various kinds of short and long term training programmes in the field of Security, Safety, Fire and Loss Prevention and related areas.